Testimonials - Kade Thomas

"I was lacking confidence until our first shoot. Your pictures make me see the beauty I have, and really made me love myself. So I thank you for that." - Jessica Morse

"Kade, is an excellent photographer. I can assure you that any shoot you're tying to create, he will go above and beyond. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to create something spectacular." - Sophia Asher

"I love working with Kade! It's a great experience no matter how many times you shoot with him, and the photos just get better! Kade is one of the kindest people I know. He puts his heart & soul, and so much more into his photography. That's why his photos are always amazing! - Chanda Unique

"Kade isn't afraid to get creative. When he has a vision, he makes it happen. It's obvious that he has a true passion for photography, and loves to be behind the lens. I am always pleasantly surprised by the unique perspective and style that he brings to a photograph." - Jennifer Simon

"Well first off, you're a very creative and kind person! You come up with really unique ideas, and bring them to life, and that's awesome. And not only that, but you do it all happily and I'm never disappointed!" - Natalea Blake

"It was amazingly fun, positive, and professional with Kade Thomas.....This was was something I have always wanted to do. Now I cant help but want to do more. It was a little treat to myself for working hard at the inn, and being a full time mom. Very proud of my self for how far I have come in life.... Life is great!!"